Listed options-brand Why Choose Saxo Markets to Trade Listed Options?

As all financial markets and participants know, one major determinant of success is the market intermediary that you choose.

For those forex trading in Singapore, one of the most reputable and well-known market intermediaries is Saxo Markets.

They are a large stable company that has been in existence for over two decades. They are also trusted by thousands of traders all over the world. Further, they will provide you with access to numerous asset categories including listed options from which you can make your profits.

Here is why you should use Saxo Markets to trade listed options.

Access over 1000 listed options

As a trader, listed options open up new avenues to help you make more money in financial trading activities.

When you choose to trade with Saxo Markets you are guaranteed access to more than 1000 listed options that you can trade and invest in.

While other investors are wondering where to buy listed options, you will have them easily on the Saxo Markets trading platform.

Highly sophisticated trading platform

Saxo markets is a highly innovative Singapore financial market intermediary.

Their trading platform is top level especially when it comes to trading in listed options. From this platform, you will get advanced capabilities to assess and determine correctly the best listed options to invest in.

In spite of its sophistication, the platform is highly intuitive and easy to use, making sure that you, the trader has maximum benefit from using it.

Trade in all styles of listed options

On this platform, you have access to both American and European style limited options. Get all the information transaction you need and close the contract on the trading platform. When you are ready to exercise your right, the platform will provide up to date information enabling you to make the right decision for your investment.

Timely and professional customer care service

Financial markets participants often need help with trading platforms especially when trading asset categories that they are not familiar with.

When trading with Saxo platforms, you are sure that you will always access the customer care service whenever you need it. They are available 24 hours on email, phone call or even a live chat right on the trading platform.

Competitively priced commissions

One of the many areas in which financial traders and investors lose their money is in the commissions and spreads charged by market intermediaries.

When you choose Saxo Markets, you will not face this kind of challenges when trading and investing in the listed options category.

Traders and investors are assured of low commissions that will not eat greatly into their profits. With charges based on the volume of transactions, traders will make good profits when they exercise their rights with the limited options that they buy into.

Upgrade platform versions

When you choose Saxo Markets as your preferred financial markets intermediary, you can use the free version of their trading platforms or pay a subscription fee for the premium version.

With the premium version, you can enjoy services of account managers who will guide and advice through your investment journey. You can also enjoy lower commission and spread charges ensuring that you make more profits.

Good reputation

Saxo markets has been in existence for over 25 years and operates in many countries in the world. They are fully regulated and approved as a financial intermediary in every market that they operate in.

Also, they are well known for their financial strength which shows their stability as a financial intermediary.

Over the years they have been in existence, they have won and acquired many awards of outstanding service in the financial markets.


For all those who are interested in getting into the trading in Singapore, Saxo Markets is the ideal intermediary for you. With all these qualities, you are sure that you will get the best service, training and guidance on how to make money in the financial market.

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