Little Known Benefits of Old Gold Coins You Need to Know

It’s no surprise that gold prices rose almost 20% in the weeks after the stock market crash. Central banks were manufacturing unheard-of amounts of cash aimed at stimulating the economy. With so much cash floating around, the odds of inflation were very much a reality. Not only that, but the value of a dollar decreased dramatically.

While central banks can print an unlimited amount of paper money, you can’t do that with gold. Because of this, many see gold as a benefit and are happy to store their old gold coins in a safe place. Gold is still an asset when the value of a dollar slumps. As a result, many recommend investing in gold insurance.

Benefits of Buying Old Gold Coins

Buying gold bars or old gold coins is one of the more fulfilling ways to own it. You’ll get pleasure from physically being able to look at it and feel it. There’s something about pure gold that is most gratifying. However, owning gold has its disadvantages, especially if you have a lot. However, it’s a drawback most people wouldn’t mind having, and that is the owner must secure it. Still, gold has always been a traditional investment, and here’s why:

  • The price of gold increases when other currencies decline
  • Gold acts as a deterrent to inflation
  • You are not responsible for taxes until you sell it
  • No one needs to know you have it

While gold performs well sometimes, you don’t always know when it’s the best time to buy. It’s tough knowing when gold is low enough to purchase it since it doesn’t generate a steady flow of cash. If you invest in stocks, you know when the time is right based on the company’s performance. But if you have old gold coins, they could save your life. Well, depending on what coin you owned, you could be a million dollars richer.

Best Selling Old Gold Coins

You can buy and sell silver and old gold coins under the worst economic conditions, even during a massive currency devaluation. You may think that’s absurd, but if you look at other countries, you know it’s possible.

1833 $5 Gold Half Eagle Coin

If you have a 1833, $5 gold half eagle coin in immaculate condition, you have a rare keepsake valued at $1,351,250.00. This coin has magnificent surface depth and has an indistinct cameo impression. They even perfectly define the tiniest features. There are two like this in the world. Who has the other old gold coin like this one? None other than the Smithsonian Institution’s National Numismatic Collection.

1921 Roman Proof Saint-Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle

The grade on this $20 gold double eagle coin suggests that it’s in better condition than the previous gold coin. Experts mistakenly graded it as an MS-63 rather than the PR-63. They struck the original coin for Raymond T. Baker, who was then the director of the US Mint. Because Baker announced he was an uncle, the mint workers wanted to give recognition to his nephew’s recent birth. No one knows how many 1921 old gold coins there are like this one, but this one has a value of $1,495,000.00

1920-S Indian $10 Gold Eagle

Gold coins were widely and frequently distributed in 1920. It’s not surprising that the San Francisco mint struck 126,500 $10 gold eagle coins in that year. Most of today’s old gold coins are in extremely fine to near uncirculated condition. They don’t make the Mint State coins with the same respect and articulate manner as other coins. They lack finer design features. This is the finest known eagle with a value of $1725,000.00.

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