Make Money Working at Home Using SEO Clerks

Have you heard about SEO Clerks? Are you convinced it can earn you money online, or maybe you are thinking about how it really feels like to be making money online just sitting at home?

The main scope of this article is to shade light on how you can start earning online using this site. You can also click here and learn more on how you can make yourself some cash, even when staying at home.

What is SEO Clerks?

This is an online market where freelancers sell their skills and employees hires them to perform different tasks concerning their abilities.

It was initially developed to offer services on SEO, but currently, they have expanded their market to adopt a different set of services.

Creating an account

Creating an account is the ultimate first step of making money on this site. Opening an account with them is completely free of charge.

When signing up, it is important to always give the correct details like adding your real picture.

When you are done with your details, move to a tab to sell a service. Create a service you will provide; it is vital to describe your services in the simplest way giving all information as clearly as possible.

When all this is done, you can share the services you offer on blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. This move helps in advertising your services to a wide range of audience, hence increasing your chances of getting clients.

Probably you are asking yourself what you can sell on the site.  Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. You can join here:

What can you sell?

Well, you are in a position to sell anything from Programming, Blogs, Article writing Music and video editing, Graphic design, SEO services gaming and excreta. The only requirement needed is your time and dedication.

Personally, I’ve earned a lot of money with them just by editing music and videos and writing articles, you too can make money online.

Methods of payment

The site has partnered with legitimate payment companies all over the world. In the event of completion of a task given to you by a client, of course you will get paid. But how do you get the money to reach your pockets? Well, there are many different payment methods that the site uses such as such as PayPal, SolidTrust pay, Payza and Payonee. You can choose one of them and make your transactions.

How to make money quickly

Other than offering your services, there are several different ways you can earn money on the site but search has identified one critical method of easily earning money in there.

  1. Become a reseller

SEO Clerks is one of the websites globally that offer different services at a lower price. For this reason, many people have ventured into buying services cheaply from them and reselling them on other websites such as Fiverr at a much higher price earning themselves some profit.

For instance, find a seller on SEO Clerks that is offering  5000 Instagram followers for one dollar, you can buy this service twice. Meaning you will be getting 10000 followers on Instagram for just two dollars.

After getting the seller who offers this service, create a gig on Fiverr that offers 20000 Instagram followers for just 10 dollars. Offering 20000 followers on Instagram for 10 dollars is quite cheap on Fiverr and be assured of getting lots of clients.

So if you get a client on Fiverr, you give the service to your already identified seller on SEO Clerks to do the task for you. If you do your arithmetic right, you are assured of 8 dollars profit by doing completely nothing.

Social media is the real deal now and using this method and with it you can always find something you can do to earn you some extra cash.

Tips on how to retain clients on SEO Clerks

There are many sellers available on the site that offers the same services as you do. It’s vital to always maintain your customers by giving the best services possible.

Here are some few tips to you can use to retain and get more customers.

  1. Always try as much as possible to deliver your assignments on time.
  2. Be fair and realistic on your pricing.
  3. Still, go the extra mile to please your clients.
  4. Do the clients job as specified.
  5. Always remember to thank your client for considering you for their job
  6. Readily be available for your clients

If you follow these simple tips, the possibility of retaining your clients is high. Moreover, you can get to have positive review that in turn can increase your sales.