5 Ways to Make Passive Money Online

It’s never been easier to make money in a non-traditional format. Instead of going to your job everyday, you could stay home and make money using the internet.

To help you kick your job to the curb, and turn the internet into your new profit generator. Let’s look at 5 ways you can make passive money online.

Try Bitcoin Mining

We are going to start with the new kid on the block, mining for bitcoin. This process is a great way to make passive money by putting your computer to work. Your computer takes part in a process called “data mining,” and makes you money while it digs. It’s not a literal dig, instead, it’s completing transactions by complete mathematical equations. The math equations are used to complete transactions. The best part about completing these transactions is that you get paid by retaining part of value. Consider it a token for helping others, and these tokens can be converted into money on the market.

The best part about getting into bitcoin mining is the free bitcoin mining software you can find online. This makes the barrier of entry pretty low, and you can turn just about any computer into mining rig. Keep in mind that mining rigs will make more if they have better parts in them. The better the mining rig, the more transactions it can handle. The more transactions it can handle, the more payout you see from your machine.

If you are wondering how to build a mining rig, there are an insane amount of guides online. If you don’t want to build one, you can invest in a purpose built mining rig. They these purpose built rigs tends to come with options for graphics cards, CPUs, and RAM just like your normal custom builders, but they cost a boatload more. This is generally due to the cost of purchasing 8 or more graphics cards. The more graphics cards your machine has access to, the better it’s mining results will be. Bitcoin isn’t dead, it’s just shifting how you can make money with it.

Start a PBN

If you don’t want to invest into a mining rig, you can still use your laptop from 2005 to make money online. How? Start a PBN! A public blogging network is a great way to make money online. By making a space for people to pitch their content to, you have the ability to make money on each post. As the editor and publisher of the network, you can set up costs associated with posting to your site.

You can also take the approach that lets anyone join the site and post. These types of PBNs tend to pick up quickly, and this gives you the ability to take advantage of the ad potential in a site.

Utilize Ads on Your Site

Every site has the potential for ads, and all you have to do is sign up for Google AdSense. AdSense takes your website’s content and helps place ads on your site that relate to your customer in one way or another.

Many products have pixels attached to them, and when that customer reaches the product, the pixel attaches to them. This pixel is what brings up that thing you were looking at last night on your facebook sidebar. If your site makes the sale for someone else, you get to a cut of that sale. Thanks Google, my site can now sit here and make money via traffic. Talk about making it easy.

Sell a Product

Selling products online is really easy nowadays. There are sale services like Amazon or eBay, and you can even create a store on your WordPress for free with WooCommerce. Creating an item that basically sells itself is great way to make your money online. This is why you see so many companies pushing things like e-books, podcasts, and webinars so much.

Hold PodCasts and Webinars

One of the best ways to make money online is through a webinar or podcast. These are just like selling a product online, but they tend to be a bit more than a physical product. They are items that teach people something that they want to learn. That means a potential customer is more likely to buy. If these are items like e-books or webinars, they can be created ahead of time. When you make these items ahead of time, you can sell them passively in the background.

If your company is based online, you can use these items as tripwires into other sales or subscription services. That makes these amazing lead and profit generators for your site, and bolster your other items you sell on your site.

If you are finding these resources aren’t helping you generate leads, you can make some of them free as a way to trip customers into actual sales.

Making Money Online is Easy These Days

There are so many different ways that you can make money online these days. If you have a dedicated skill set, make a sit and talk about it. Passing on helpful information in a field you are an expert in will really open up different doors that bring money into your business.

From AdSense to BitCoin mining, you can create multiple sources of income online. Onces you open all of these doors, you will quickly find your internet income making you more than enough to live on. If you really start pulling in leads and money, you might be able to leave your old job behind and focus on your internet income.

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