Moneymaking 101: An Introduction to Making More Money

Would You like to Make More Money?

These days, it’s almost taboo to talk about making more money. You’re supposed to think about ways to save more, not make more. Why? “Because it’s easier to control your spending than your income,” says the personal finance community.

You know what I think? That’s a bunch of gobbledygook.

You’re not a mindless drone with no control over how much you earn. You can control your income. It’s just as simple as controlling your spending. You just have to learn different methods and habits to help you get there.

An 8-Step Tutorial to Help You Make More Money

Moneymaking 101 is a tutorial designed to help you understand the basic principles for making more money. Together, they form an entire theory for helping you increase your income.

Warning: these posts are long. They serve as the foundation for this blog, so I wanted to include plenty of examples. If you can’t read them now, bookmark this page so you can get to them later.

  1. Why Being Poor Is like Being Fat (And What to Do about It)
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  4. The Moneymaking Formula for Math Flunkies
  5. How to Build a Crystal Ball and Predict the Future
  6. The Secret to Turning Anything into Gold
  7. Who Else Wants to Make $5,479,452 an Hour?
  8. Warning: Only Read This If You’re Willing to Change
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