Top 4 Ways of Money Making Online that Don’t Work As Advertised

Using the internet to make money – this is something most of us would like to do. And there is an incredible variety of websites and blogs showing us “tried and tested”, “foolproof”, and “working” ways to make a bit of extra income over the internet. Unfortunately, there are many that simply sell snake oil, advertising methods that might seem a great idea but don’t work as advertised. Here are a few of them.

Playing games of chance

If you ever spent time reading Canadian casino reviews you probably stumbled upon stories of how this player or that won six-figure amounts at a gaming outlet online. And you have no reason to doubt them: people do win at casinos, both online and in real life. But there is no way you can turn playing games of chance into a reliable source of income – these games are simply too unpredictable.

There’s nothing wrong with playing a few hands of blackjack and a few spins on a slot machine every now and then – relying on them as a way to make money is, in turn, a mistake.

Responding to surveys

Responding to surveys online is, indeed, a legitimate way to make an extra buck or two – and just about that. Of course, a lot depends on where you live. Some online survey outlets will ask you to complete one or two a day, others will only send you weekly surveys and polls, and there are some that don’t even do that. And the amount paid for each individual survey is usually pretty small.

Blogging for money

Creating your own blog and using it to generate some extra income can work – but you have to dedicate a lot of time and effort to build it up to a state when it can do that. The number of active blogs – with at least one post a month – is expected to exceed 31 million in the US alone in the next couple of years – standing out of such a crowd is not easy at all. And a blog has to have at least a pretty decent following to be able to make money from advertising and affiliate marketing.

Yes, blogging can indeed make you money – but you need to dedicate quite a lot of effort (and money) to it first.


Another viable way to make a living online that needs more time and effort than advertised. A freelancer is constantly fighting the competition for gigs (and there is a huge competition out there, trust me). Jumping into freelancing is not an easy task either. You have to work a lot until you can build your clientele that will ensure a constant flow of gigs – and revenue.

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