Optimize Your Blog to Make it Search Engine Friendly

If you have a business then you do understand the importance of blogs. However, creating a blog is not all of it. Blogging may be more complex than what you think. Blogging needs to be search engine ready to give it the best chance to appear well for targeted search results in Google.

What good does a blog do if it is not available for the audience it has been written for? The harsh truth is that bloggers do not know how to capture their potential market with the help of what they have written in a blog form. According to the research, blog titles that have words ranging from 6-13 in number are able to generate traffic and hits at a consistent level.

Following are some easy Search Engine Optimization SEO tips to make certain your blog gets the attention it deserves:

Be Thorough with The Research:

There is only one thing that makes a blog worth a read – keywords. The way you place the keywords and the keywords you choose for your blog will determine the success of your blog. Do not assume the keywords when it comes to business blogging. Try your hand with various tools when you have to figure out the correct list of keywords that fit-in rightly within your blog.

Place The Keywords Right:

Finding the right keyword is not enough to make the blog visible. Make certain the keywords that you have searched are placed in your blog in such a manner that you are able to generate the best out of it. You can try to put them in the following content options:

  • The Blog Title
  • Heading and Subheadings
  • The Introductory Paragraph
  • The Summing Up Paragraph
  • Meta Tags and Anchor Text

The most important thing here to keep in mind that you do not stuff your blog with keywords. This will not do any good to your readers as well as you will be penalized by Google for doing so. Therefore, all you need is white hat link building services to ensure your business blog has all the required ingredients to make it SEO ready.

Image Optimization:

If your blog has an image attached with it, make sure you add keywords to the file name as well as it has a description including the right keywords. Remember, keywords are powerful only when you know the right places where they fit in well.

Add Reference Links:

Business is all about giving and taking. When you writing a blog, adding someone’s information is not a bad thing to do but not giving them credit is. When you provide a link to an information that you mentioned on your blog, add the relative link to the text so that the readers know the information is relevant or not. Also, if you are lucky enough, maybe you get referred back the same way at some other site. This is how we grow in business!

In the end, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will do no good if you are not sharing your blog on various social media platforms. These are the best platforms currently to showcase your blog on.