Why Private Jets will Not be a Pursuit of the Super-Rich Alone in the Future

There is no form of transportation more glamorous than a private jet. When we think of private jets we think of rock bands, Hollywood actors and the wealthy elite sipping champagne high in the skies. Whilst it is true that previously a private jet has been an activity pursuit of the super-rich alone, this could all be about to change.

The Future of Aviation

The rise of on-demand services like Uber and Deliveroo has completely changed the way in which we live our lives. This is now spreading to the aviation industry with an increase in on-demand flight services. Currently, there are all kinds of businesses set up that are allowing people to charter a private jet on a one use basis. Whilst this is still quite expensive, the competition and demand for this service could see prices plummet in the near future. Some people are going as far as saying that commercial planes could become a thing of the past down the line.

On-Demand Flights

Some companies, like Victor, allow you to compare private jets and book a flight to any destination and at a time of their choosing. In addition to this, some of these companies offer more affordable flights on a private jet on empty legs (jets are usually only chartered one way). Although you cannot pick the destination or flight time, it is still a way to experience what flying on a private jet is like.


Alternatively, other businesses have opted for a subscription service and this is targeted at businesses. It sees a fixed monthly payment where the customer can then arrange as many flights as they wish. In just a few flights they could break even, so it is a superb option for those that regularly arrange business travel. Similarly, other companies have annual membership fees where private jets are shared with other members and a handful of guests. As you can see, all of these companies are looking for ways to bring the premium experience to a much larger audience.

Currently, it is mainly businesses that are taking advantage of these services. Flying on a private jet is particularly beneficial for work related purposes, but the demand is certainly there for leisure travellers. Due to the image of this being a glamorous and luxurious form of transportation, many people have dreamed of flying on a private jet. This, and the host of benefits that it brings over commercial aircrafts, could result in chartering become much more affordable in the near future.

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