Database USA: Real Data, Real Results for Today’s Business

Database USA is a service that’s providing a wealth of resources to many American businesses. The company was started in 1972 by Vin Gupta. He used the yellow pages to compose data and sell it to businesses for mailing list purposes. Since then, the company has grown at an unprecedented rate. Email lists, consumer lists, and even social media information are all now available. Database USA sets itself apart from the competition by adhering to much higher standards. They triple verify the information to make sure it’s accurate. With an accuracy rate of 95 percent, they’re accomplishing their goal of providing higher quality data.

Consumer lists are perhaps the most popular product that’s offered by Database USA. They have a database of over 245 million consumers. They can provide customized solutions to solicit the response you’d like. Income information, demographics, credit scores, head of household information, and much more can be obtained. This information is also incredibly valuable for finance professionals and other professionals that rely on having prequalified prospects. Marketing to the correct consumers saves a huge amount of time and money. By reaching the right customers you’ll be able to spend your advertising dollars more wisely. Lower overhead costs and increased sales are just a couple of the benefits that Database USA com provides with their value-added consumer lists.

Data enhancement services are also available through Database USA. This includes standardized addresses and conversion of rural route addresses. With this information, you’ll get your information to the prospect much faster. You’ll also have less wasted advertising dollars by reducing returned mail. Address verification is provided by the postal service to ensure that you’re mailing to the correct address. You can also obtain other information with data enhancement services. Social media information and telephone numbers are among the most popular options. In this day and age where people are often buying on social media platforms, it can be highly advantageous to reach out to consumers in this manner.

Sales leads are another popular service that Database USA provides. If you’re marketing to prospects that must be qualified to purchase, it only makes sense to purchase leads that are thoroughly screened. If you’re contacting consumers, you’ll be able to get a wealth of information regarding their familial structure and mode of living. This includes things like home value, approximate disposable income, and net worth. If you’re looking to purchase business leads, you’ll have access to similar information. This can range from information about business spending to credit reports, company size, and rent and utility information. The more information you can gain on the prospects, the better you’ll be positioned to close a deal.

Business lists are often a product that many other data companies simply fall short on. Often times, agents will run into many disconnected numbers and businesses that simply don’t fit the criteria of your typical buyer. Since Database USA triple verifies their data; you won’t have to worry about chasing businesses that no longer exist. You’ll also be able to get information regarding the owner, hours, business relationships, spending habits, tax classification, and more. Pounding the pavement is much more fruitful when you’re making more sales.

Database USA knows that you’ll love what they have to offer. You’ll be able to try out a mailing list for free. All you have to do is complete a short information request and you’ll receive your list. The Database USA website also provides great samples and testimonials of people who’ve used their products and services. The blog also offers many very insightful posts that provide valuable knowledge and resources for data consumers. Be sure to get online and check out Database USA for yourself, today.