Safety Tips for Small Businesses

Safety SignFor most small businesses, the number on expense beyond payroll revolves around employee safety and injuries.

Depending on the business, this may or may not hold true, but for most, safety is a large expense.  However, there are a number of things that you can do to lower your expenses when it comes to employee safety.

Fire Protection

Having basic fire protection in place is one of the biggest safety tips that you can do.  This covers a wide variety of topics, from ensuring that you have policies and procedures in place to prevent fires from occurring, to making sure that you have the proper safety equipment to deal with a fire.  If you feel you need to get the right equipment, you can get fire extinguishers from

Having solid fire protection plans can lower your cost of insurance and save you money.

Emergency Plans

Emergency planning is essential for all types of businesses.  But emergency planning should include more than just what to do if XYZ happens – it should also include how to deal with basic safety emergencies like a medical emergency or injury.  Having emergency plans in place can greatly reduce workplace expenses because employees will receive the proper care sooner.

Some basic emergency planning includes partnering with a nurse line to provide over the phone medical aid if necessary, and having first aid kits available in different locations throughout the workplace.  These simple safety strategies can prove effective later.


Finally, one of the biggest determinants of a safety culture is employee morale.  The sad truth is that unhappy employees also happen to get injured more often and cost the company more money.  It is important to stay close to the morale of your employees and deal with poor performing employees swiftly.  You don’t want to end up having to pay for an employee’s workman’s compensation insurance for an accident that could have been prevented because they were a poor performer to begin with.

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