Saving Money When Your Friends Want to Go Out

Just because you’ve vowed to change your spending and saving habits doesn’t mean that your friends are on the same page or share your new financial habits. Just as you may ask, “where is an affordable insurance agency near me,” you could also ask yourself, “how can I save money when I’m out with friends?” Both questions are vital in your quest to save more and spend less.

Start Your Night Out With Some Time In

Rather than head straight for the bar or club, meet at a friend’s house for one or two drinks. That way, you’re less tempted to order more (expensive) drinks when you’re out, which can save you quite a bit of money. While this is a good idea for saving money, make sure you account for transportation to your destination; you don’t want anyone to get a DUI.

Have an Afternoon or Morning Out Rather Than a Night Out

You may be at a time in your life where you like calling it a night early, or maybe you’ve realized that getting lunch or breakfast is a lot less expensive than buying dinner. Rather than put off meeting up with your friends, see if they’d be willing to meet earlier in the day for a meal together. You aren’t expected to have alcoholic drinks at breakfast or lunch, so you’ll have one less expense to worry about.

Start an Entertainment Budget

No matter if you hardly ever go out or if you go to the local bar just once a week, it’s a good idea to start budgeting for going out with your friends. Specifically, you can load up money on a prepaid debit card that you only use when you’re going out. Some of the newer cards will send you a text message when you spend money and let you know how much is remaining on the card. When you see you’re almost out of fun funds, that’s when you should call it a night and head home.

Let Your Friends Know the Changes You’re Trying to Make

True friends won’t be upset with you if you tell them that you can’t go out because it’s not in your budget. The news could make them rethink their spending habits, which can change the dynamics of your friendship for the better. Besides, your friends are sure to rather hear that you can’t go out because you’re trying to save money instead of getting a call or text asking to borrow money because you blew your budget on your last few nights out.

Look for Specials

With new money-saving apps popping up almost daily, it’s easier than ever to find and learn about special discounts for your favorite hangout spots. Besides apps, you can also hop online and check the websites and social media accounts of your favorite bars and restaurants to see if they have any specials or happy hours you and your friends can take advantage of. Now you won’t find yourself wincing when you learn that you just missed an opportunity to save some money on food and drinks with your friends.

Buy Snacks Before You Go Out

There’s nothing quite like a slice of pizza, burrito or breakfast after a fun night out, but you could probably do without the added expense on top of what you already spent for the evening. That’s why you should buy a few extra snacks when you go grocery shopping, so you’ll know you have something to eat waiting for you at home when you’re ready to call it a night.

A few changes and a bit of rearrangement are all it takes to have a good time with your friends while sticking to your new budget. Don’t feel that you have to deprive yourself with your new financial outlook.

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