Buying Blank Check Paper: Should You Print Your Own Check

Ordering pre-printed checks online offers a convenient way of replenishing paper check stocks. However, did you know that you can order blank check paper online and print them at home or office? Considering you have a basic setup of a computer, laser printer, and MICR toner, you can buy blank checks and print them as you need them.

Is it smart to print checks yourself? Well, there is no mandate that checks need to come pre-printed from the bank or an online check printer. In fact, a lot of businesses invest in check printing software. They keep a stock of blank check paper and print the check as and when they need them.

4 Reasons to Buy Blank Check Paper Online

More Cost Effective: This may come as no surprise to you but blank paper checks are significantly cheaper than pre-printed business checks. For personal users who don’t usually write paper checks, switching to blank paper checks is an unnecessary hassle. However, businesses that need to send out hundreds of checks via mail every month, can potentially save a lot of money by printing on blank check paper rather than ordering pre-printed checks.

Keeps Your Banking Data Secure: When you buy pre-printed business checks you trust the online check printer to keep your data secure. During the shipment process, the business check is vulnerable to theft or misplacement. This means every mail containing checks, before they are delivered to businesses, can potentially be breached. This leaves vital information such as routing number, account number, and other banking info susceptible to criminals. However, blanks checks do not contain any banking information whatsoever. This means even if a shipment of blank checks gets lost or stolen, the critical banking data remain secure.

It Takes Little to No Extra Effort to Print on Them: Even though pre-printed checks have banking info and other details printed, they are still not ready to be issued. Businesses need to fill details such as amount, payee name, and signature. Businesses that issue a significant number of checks use check printing software packages to print these details on pre-printed checks. Considering these software programs can be used to print on blank checks, it demands little or no extra effort. These programs can be used to store the banking information to quickly print on blank checks. They automatically print the repetitive banking details without you having to enter them every single time. This means all you need to do is enter payee details and amount, just like you would to print on pre-printed checks.

Advantage When you Have Multiple Checking Accounts: Large to medium-sized businesses often have multiple checking accounts. This means businesses need to predict the usage of checks from each of those accounts before ordering pre-printed checks. When ordering blank checks, there is no need to do that. Accountants can simply print the banking information of the account from which the check needs to be issued as per requirement.