Simon Burns at Earnin is Rethinking Financial Products

Simon Burns is a Product Manager at Earnin focused on Growth and Consumer. Earnin is a cash advance mobile app that lets users get access to their pay early.

Earnin has been downloaded millions of times by users across the country. Earnin’s users use the case advances for gas, groceries or for any bill. Accessing your pay on the go is a clear need and one well served by this new wave of financial technology applications.

The hyper-growth of model’s like Earnin has led to a rethinking on behalf of many financial services players on how to respond. If users demand same day pay, how should they respond? Earnin’s innovative approach has pushed the frontier of consumer expectations.

Before Earnin, Simon Burns was at Opendoor, where he worked on Opendoor Mortgages, Consumer and Homes Services. Across these team he focused on tests to increase funnel conversion, expanding the Opendoor product to support Agents + Home Builders and growing our referral program.

Simon views the role of a PM as taking on the wall of information coming to an EPD team. Everything from business goals, to customer requests and contextualizing it so that engineers, designers and researchers can digest it and ideate together on the most effective solutions. 

Simon can be reached on Twitter, Instagram, ProductHunt or LinkedIn. His Github and Medium accounts are also active.

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