Who Is the Guy in Your Apple Commercial?

Customer profiling.Get a Mac.jpg

Those are two words you’ll never hear in everyday conversation. They belong on the chalkboard at business school, in a dense textbook about marketing, or maybe in one of those “strategy sessions” where the boss wants to know why the hell no one is buying your company’s latest product.

It’s a boring term, one that, as a writer, I’m almost ashamed to know and understand, but it also represents one of the most powerful marketing weapons in existence. Like a rusty gun that never runs out of bullets, it’ll help you kill 95% of business problems before they ever rear their ugly heads.

So I’m going to write a post on it.

Just to make it a little more interesting though, I thought I’d ditch the term and add a little bit more of a contemporary spin to the idea that it describes. Chase away any worry of being asked a question like, “Who are customers and how do we target them?”

Instead, I’ll posit a different, hopefully more insightful one: Who is the guy in your Apple commercial?

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