Tips To Live A More Frugal LifeStyle During These Tough Economic Times

Cutting back when times are tough is a reality for a great portion of us. While it’s not always fun, the good news is that there’s many different ways to save a few (or even a few hundred) dollars – and I’ve compiled a little list to get you thinking in the frugal mindset. So, use and enjoy!

Reevaluate Your Auto Needs – Can your family make due with one car? Extra Insurance and car payments are costly, and downsizing to one vehicle can add a lot of breathing room to a tight budget. Try carpooling or using public transit to get around when a personal vehicle is not readily available.

Quit A Bad Habit – I’ll be honest here – this one is much easier said than done. However, if you can stop or reduce the amount of time and money spent indulging in bad habits (smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy foods) you’ll save a bundle.

Buy Used – Get over the stigma of buying used merchandise and find a bargain on just about everything you purchase – clothes, electronics, tools, you name it – it’s cheaper used.

Walk, Walk, Walk – Fuel prices are high, and obesity is on the rise – why not help to kill two birds with one stone by making walking an integral part of your life? It can be tough to do without the convenience of a warm vehicle at first – but it’s something you get used to, and I promise you’ll fit more comfortably in your jeans too.

How Many Phones Do You Really Need? – Are you paying for each member of your household to have a wireless phone? If your wallet is hurting, go back to a singular land-line, and rake in the savings.

Replace That Steak With Celery – Okay, that title is maybe a wee bit on the extreme side, however cutting back on meat and consuming more vegetarian meals is a sure-fire way to reduce the size of your grocery bill.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, but remember that they’re just a starting point. If you have additional methods that you use to save money, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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