Free Courses for Establishing a Home Based Business

The Internet is filled with money making opportunities, and most are mediocre at best, if not down right fraudulent. I would like to tell you about one of the better opportunities I have come across, and it’s absolutely free so you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. This opportunity is offered by Kevin Potts, founder of the website

Before establishing this website, Mr. Potts worked in the corporate world, was involved with venture capitalists and was even a full time religious minister for 8 years. While growing his congregation from 200 to 600 he decided to return to commerce but combine what he has learned from his service to the community to providing help for entrepreneurs who seek to have a home based business.

As the following testimonial shows, Potts main influence was Tim Lowe, who is one of Europe’s top entrepreneur coaches, and taught him everything he needed to know about building a home based business with great success:

Currently, the website has an honest promotion where Potts is giving away for absolutely $0 his comprehensive home business opportunity called The Money Mentor High Level Coaching System. The first coaching package is called Starting Point, and is a 10-video DVD series outlining the methods of setting up a home based business. The second is known as Life Changers and is an 8-video DVD series containing interviews with experts who have been tremendously influential in making Kevin Potts a successful home business entrepreneur. The third series is a called the Blue Print, which is a 60+ page report containing additional tips for success and the fourth series is known as Meet The Gurus, which is a 13-video series where experts specific to the home based marketing field provide their strategies.

It is important to note here that no information is kept hidden from people who sign up and there is no sales pitch, which is a rarity with top performing businesses. On the site, Potts states that this free offer could end without notice so take a look at the introductory video on and proceed from there.

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