Why Starting an Investment Club is Important

If you are thinking about investments of any type, but are not sure where to start, or are more experienced but realize that there is much more to learn, we recommend joining an investment club.

Investment clubs come in many forms, some are composed of individual investors who combine their money for specific investments, to a more community-type meetings where guest speakers are invited for the members to learn from. Some clubs actually analyze each member’s financial portfolio to brainstorm ideas and provide constructive input. Other clubs allow for members to not disclose their finances to any great detail but are more broad in their exchange of ideas.

Since investment clubs have a social community foundation, it is important to have a certain level of friendly relation between members. This camaraderie can start among friends and expand with referrals. An ideal group will be comprised of members from diverse backgrounds, that could contribute from their varied experience to the overall goal of learning about smart investment.

Clearly there needs to be a consensus reached among group members regarding the topics to be discussed, so as to prevent some members from wanting to talk about retirement planning while others wishing to discuss Forex trading.

The ideal location for meetings would be in a home or some other quiet place for people to congregate at, such as a private room in a restaurant.

Notably, an agenda should be distributed for every meeting since it is important to keep the meetings organized and consistent over time in order to keep the meetings on track.

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