Get up to $200 Cashback from eBay and Microsoft

Sounds like a good deal, especially when it comes from eBay and Microsoft, neither having a substantial history of giving back money to customers. Microsoft has been promoting a unique advertising tactic for a while now with significant success so we decided to mention it here. Here’s how to take advantage of the opportunity:

First step is to sign up for a Windows Live cashback account, and subsequently search for the product or products that you would like to purchase by using Microsoft’s search engine You will see at the top of the search an eBay link that will say ‘Live Search Cashback’ in gold. Then just click the link and complete the purchase with the ‘Buy It Now’ feature and you will get 25% of the purchase for up to $200 total.

Do note that the cashback deal will only be available for 60 days after completing  the purchase and will be deposited into your Paypal account. Also, only US searches will qualify.

The Window Live Search blog also contains more details about this promotion. Additionally, you can check out the Cashback page for information on other offers.

You can use this promotion for your holiday shopping or even to purchase items at lower prices and sell them at a markup to make money. Enjoy!

Who Is the Guy in Your Apple Commercial?

Customer profiling.Get a Mac.jpg

Those are two words you’ll never hear in everyday conversation. They belong on the chalkboard at business school, in a dense textbook about marketing, or maybe in one of those “strategy sessions” where the boss wants to know why the hell no one is buying your company’s latest product.

It’s a boring term, one that, as a writer, I’m almost ashamed to know and understand, but it also represents one of the most powerful marketing weapons in existence. Like a rusty gun that never runs out of bullets, it’ll help you kill 95% of business problems before they ever rear their ugly heads.

So I’m going to write a post on it.

Just to make it a little more interesting though, I thought I’d ditch the term and add a little bit more of a contemporary spin to the idea that it describes. Chase away any worry of being asked a question like, “Who are customers and how do we target them?”

Instead, I’ll posit a different, hopefully more insightful one: Who is the guy in your Apple commercial?

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