Seth Godin’s Top 7 Tips for Becoming a Master Networker

Okay, I lied.SethGodin.jpg Seth has never written a book or detailed blog post about how to become a master networker. He’s written volumes on marketing though, and in my opinion, the two aren’t really that different. Networking is about finding people that can help you (the customers), figuring out a way to get their attention (the interruption), and then offering to form a relationship (the product) that’s beneficial to you both. Yes, it’s a mechanical way to look at relationships, and no, I don’t envision my loved ones as customers. I do believe that the line between business and relationships is fuzzier than most of us would want to admit. And I would guess Seth agrees. He continually blurs that line with his ideas. So, despite having no delectable quotes to base this post on, nor any sort of permission, I’m going to apply seven of his marketing principles to networking. Follow them, and you’ll be on your way to becoming both a master networker and a master marketer.

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