How to Blow Your Cash Quickly This Valentine’s Day

If you’re tired of being weighed down by heavy, money laden pockets then why not go extreme this Valentines day and really show your sweetie that you really care?

Of course a simple five star restaurant won’t be enough so why not take things to new heights by splurging 40K on dinner? Not just any dinner either, for $40,000 (I’m not sure if tax and tip are included, so maybe bring a little extra for those) you can enjoy a meal at a table raised 180 feet off the ground.

The company offering this service (Dinner in the Sky) lets you bring a few (22) people, so those of you looking to save money could split the bill and pay only $1818.18 a piece.

Wondering what (besides a view) you’ll enjoy for this price? Well, dinner includes petrossian cavier (I’m suddenly feeling low brow as I’ve never heard of, let allow sampled petrossian cavier in my life), stone crab turnovers, warm diver scallops, some kind of old steak (14-, 28- and 45-day dry-aged beef to be precise), finished finally with a double chocolate consomme.

While the food sure sounds delicious, but does anyone (without a royal title, claim to a fortune 500 or some kind of psychosis) actually indulge in such extreme luxuries? If so… I’m free for dinner!

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