Consider a Government Job

governmentjobs1During these times of severe economic downturn, many are struggling to find a private sector job, however, the government is actually posting a big help wanted sign. The federal government’s civilian manpower of 2.8 million is expected to grow substantially over the coming years as it is set to stimulate the economy, introduce more regulatory agencies, and overhaul the health care system.

Since December 2007, the number of private sector jobs has been reduced by 4%, but federal employment has grown by 1.7%, according to data by the Economic Policy Institute. Notably, a projection by the Heritage Foundation, estimates that by 2012, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act could generate 120,000 additional public sector jobs.

Government jobs require skills that are transferable from other industries and professions. Openings are quite diverse, ranging from administrative staff to engineers, project managers to financial managers, etc’. Government positions also offer a higher level of job security that is rarely matched by private sector jobs. In addition, government jobs frequently offer signing bonuses, medical benefits, cost-of-living increases, tuition assistance, and retirement benefits to attract people who normally would only consider the private sector. For some, the opportunity to do public service work is viewed as their top priority and the rest is gravy.

The following are online resources for getting your search going.
The official job site for the US federal government, currently contains more than 43,000 worldwide openings as well as comprehensive job-related information. Some positions are: Human Resources Assistant($36,611 per year), Financial Manager($93,871), Supervisory Criminal Investigator($112,108) and many more.

The Plum Book
A publication for the US Government Policy and Supporting Positions, listing more than 7,000 civil service, leadership and support positions in the Legislative and Executive branches.
A work in progress, covering information about presidentially-nominated positions and related information.

Career One Stop
This Department of Labor site, offering job information and advice on salaries, education, training, resume, interview preparation and more.

You can also find state and local municipality jobs on the website

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