The Importance of Using The Right Attorney

Why Use An Attorney

There are a variety of licensed lawyers or attorneys who specialize in different types of legal issues. Laws are the defenders of democracy and in order to help citizens retain their rights, they seek the services of attorneys who represent our rights. Every aspect of our lives, at some point, may require the services of an attorney.

Life at times may be easy, but when something goes wrong, you need an attorney to keep your business operational, especially when fraudulent acts like bad checks are involved. Attorneys keep you from going to jail, they help to execute a loved one’s estate, they represent you when you experience an injury outside the home, they help you to buy and sell a home, etc. Attorneys are society’s negotiators and mediators through the often complicated pathway of our legal system so that justice prevails.

Several Types of Attorneys

The different types of attorneys include the following:

1.Real Estate

Real estate attorneys represent buyers and sellers in legal issues pertaining to commercial and residential property regarding private land trust involving a trustee, beneficiary, and grantor. Attorneys in the field of real estate also handle foreclosures, assets, litigations, probate matters, easement rights, eminent domain rights, lawsuits, and whatever issues arise regarding realty law.

2.Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers are defenders of tort law. This means that they represent individuals who have been injured due to the fault of someone else. Attorneys in this field also represent individuals or companies who are being sued for negligence. Many personal injury cases involve the following:

*Medical malpractice

*Repetitive stress injuries

*Traffic accidents

*Trips and falls

*Work-related injuries

When you win your case you are entitled to receive lost wages, medical bills paid, and recovery costs for your pain and suffering.


Immigration attorneys represent individuals and families who are likely to be deported and all immigration issues that they face to find a better life. Immigration attorneys represent American families who need help with their immigrant loved ones seeking permanent residency and for businesses who also need help. Attorneys represent their clients in seeking asylum, assist citizenship through acquiring visas, advise and help with all their paperwork, and they represent immigrants if they are jailed. Immigration attorneys are defenders of the Constitution when representing undocumented immigrants.

4.Criminal Defense

Criminal lawyers are experienced in handling legal issues related to someone being accused of a criminal activity. Criminal defense attorneys are legally responsible to protect your rights when charged with the following atypical crimes. To name a few criminal defense cases, they include:



*Drugs and alcohol-related crimes


*Embezzlement cases


*Fraud cases

*Internet crimes

*Narcotic violations


*White collar crimes

Criminal attorneys represent you from the initial arrest to hopefully the acquittal process that greatly affects your life and the future of family members.

5.General Practice

A general practice attorney is a professional legal representative that practices in nearly all aspects of the law including personal injury, family law, business litigation and mediation, estate planning, and general litigation. Other areas of law practiced by a general practice attorney are:

*Real estate

*Family law including divorce, adoption, estate planning, etc.

*Criminal and Business law

*Personal injuries

*Motor vehicle accidents and more.

Even though general practice lawyers do not specialize in a specific field of law, they do work across the legal field to partner with specialty attorneys to give aid to their clients.

6.Family Law

Family law attorneys handle just that, the legal requirements that come up in a family’s daily life that involves, adoptions, marital prenups, divorces, custody cases, domestic violence, alimony, guardianship, and paternity issues.


Attorneys are a necessary legal entity whose responsibility it is to guarantee the rights and legal justice for all people whom they represent. Other unique attorneys who specialize in specific fields include military, corporate, environmental, government, and employment. An experienced attorney is vital in any sort of legal process for the average individual or business. You need a legal representative who knows the law, the court system, rules and regulations that their clients need. Attorneys help with a myriad of legal defenses which is exactly the right and best legal solution.

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