The Top 10 Work Values Employers Look For In 2019

In today’s world, everyone has to work, be it going to an office everyday, working from home or taking in passive income. If there’s no income, you would be pretty restricted. However, if you are already facing financial difficulties, you can opt to take a loan using a reliable personal loan comparison tool . Nonetheless, investing in yourself and your skills is key. One funny thing about the recruitment process is that when you carefully read various job ads, you would think that employers strictly look for individuals with specific types of experience. Nearly every job ad contains a long list of essential requirements such as obscure industry certifications and decades of experience with certain tools.

The moment you get to a job interview, the entire picture changes. Organizations are looking for specific work values that may not be listed in the job description or ad. They need responsible and self-directed people. Surprisingly, no one will ask you to list your top five or top ten work value. Rather, you will bring those values through the specific answers to different interview questions.

Even the stories you tell during an interview will always bring out your sterling work values. While you don’t have to talk about those unique qualities, they will shine through once you let them. Here are the top ten work values and attributes that employers are looking for.

1. Responsibility and dependability

Organizations value workers who come to work on time, handle their duties at the right time and are always responsible for their choices, actions, and behaviour. It is essential to keep your supervisors abreast of all changes in your daily schedule or if you are likely to be late for some reasons. Besides, you should keep your supervisor or superior informed on how you are handling all the tasks you have been assigned. Being responsible and dependable shows that you value your job.

2. Ability to point to success at work

If someone asks you, ‘can you tell a story about a time you felt triumphant?’ What specific stories from your past are likely to spring in your mind? Here, you are supposed to talk about your successes and prove that you can always point successes in a project. You don’t have to have climbed Mt. Everest or competed in Olympics. Just tell simple stories regarding saving the day at home, at work, or even in a volunteer situation.

3. Being proactive

Most workers wait for orders or directions at work, but there are individuals who are proactive and don’t wait for orders. They figure out what needs to be done and simply jump into action. Business and other employers want to hire individuals who will simply get things done.

One way of illustrating this work value is by enquiring about the work that you will be doing. Sadly, most job applicants don’t do that. Asking questions (when appropriate) show that you have been thinking about the entire job description – and your employer will really appreciate it.

4. Strong work ethic

Managers values workers who possess the willingness to work towards achieving the organizational goals. That means mastering the most effective way to complete projects on time while maintaining a positive attitude.

Sometimes, going an extra mile to get the job done is a good way of showing your manager that you have good time management skills and you never waste your employer’s time attending to issues not related to your job. Remember, downsizing in the current job market is common and it’s essential to know and keep the work values that employers want. Whether you are preparing for a job interview or you simply want to maintain your current position, it is always good to maintain a strong work ethic.

5. Self-confidence

Throughout history, self-confidence has always been the critical difference between someone successful and someone who isn’t. An employee with self-confidence can inspire others. Such a person is never afraid of asking questions about areas where they require insights.

A self-confident people do what feels right and are always willing to take a risk if it’s worth the effort. They admit their mistakes, recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They are also willing to correct their mistakes and work on their weaknesses.

6. Honesty

So far, there has been enough corporate scandals to decorate front pages of newspapers. Employers want honest people who can help build a strong brand and keep the entire corporate image positive. Finding an honest employee with integrity is a priority for employers. They need someone who can live up to their values and ideals – there’s nothing wrong with showing the positive attributes you live by, particularly if they align with the organization’s mission and vision.

7. Good teamwork skills

All organizations rely majorly on teamwork to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. As an employee, you must be able to collaborate with other people and handle a project to its completion. If you have been called for an interview, get ready to convince your interviewers that you are a good team player.

8. Loyalty

Employers are looking for workers they can trust fully and who exhibit loyalty to the organization, and the competition to retain this talent is very high. Organizations appreciate workers who aren’t hopping from company to company. Rather, they need an individual who understands his or her career path and is interested in building an outstanding career with their organization.

9. Motivation to learn and grow

The advent of technology has initiated a never-ending evolution in the workplace. This has prompted employers to seek workers who are interested in expanding their knowledge and keeping up with developments in their specific fields. Learning new techniques, skills, and theories through professional development can keep the company you work for at the top of its industry. Besides, it can make your job more exciting.

10. Ambition

Being ambitious simply means you have the objective of getting stronger and smarter in your life. Sometimes, it could imply moving up the corporate ladder, launching your own brand, or even going off the grid for something entirely new. Organizations are looking for ambitious people.

Good work values and attributes are what makes the right foundation for an outstanding employee. Your efforts to practice professional ethics at work, honest, proactive, self-confident and other desirable work values can make you a better employee.

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