The Top 5 Highest Paying College Degrees

Graduation CapAn education has long been the method for improving social status and wealth. Over the centuries, it has become accepted rite of passage in Western societies to get a four-year degree in order to become a professional adult and join the white-collar workforce. I guess there’s something less stressful about having student loan debt rather than having to get pay day loans each week. 🙂

Many high school graduates flock to college campuses every year because the median college graduate earns nearly twice as much as a high school graduate. However, not all college degrees are created equal. Based on research from Georgetown, these are the 5 highest paying degrees by average median starting salary for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

Mechanical Engineering – $58,000

If you like to build stuff, this job is for you. Although you should know that instead of a hammer, you might be wielding some complex formulas. Mechanical engineers use math and physics to design and create everything from robots to toys. Starting median salary is at $58,000.

Electrical Engineering – $57,000

Do you see a trend yet? Engineering is a great degree to hold if you want a large starting paycheck.

Electrical Engineers start with a median salary of $57,000. However, with a graduate degree, you can nearly double your median salary to $106,000. Electrical Engineers live in the world of circuit boards, resistors and switches. If it has anything to do with electronics, there is an electrical engineer working behind the scenes.

Computer Science – $50,000

I type on this boxy-looking thing called a laptop, and for all I know it works on pixie dust and speaks Klingon. However, there are some individuals who understand both how to make computers and how to program them. Such skills will always be beyond me, which is why my college degree didn’t pay a median salary of $50,000 to start with.

Nursing – $48,000

People will pay a lot of money to stay alive. If you want to get into the “keeping people alive business,” but don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands attending medical school, spend 8 years in college and several more years in clinical and residency, then nursing is the degree for you. You can find out about accelerated nursing programs here, and upon graduation be qualified for a job with a median starting salary of $48,000 and one of the lowest incidences of unemployment – 4 percent.

Economics – $48,000

Not only is economics one of the five best-paying four-year degrees, it is one of the best degrees to hold if you want to be in the top 1% of wage earners in America. One in twelve economics degree holders earns over $500,000 in income each year. Economists analyze economic data to determine how businesses and economic establishments work. They command a starting salary of about $48,000.

I encourage any money-making idea that will boost your personal penny hoard, and most college degrees will help your collection of shiny copper.

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