Top 5 Reasons why you need a Franking Machine

It is true that the volume of physical mails are greatly on the decline, but for businesses that still rely on sending physical mails, nothing beats a franking machine.

What a franking machine does is to print postage directly onto your mail without you having to buy stamps or visit the post office.

You may think that in order to benefit from a franking machine, you must be sending thousands of letters per month. However that is a misconception and even if you send very few mails you can benefit from using a franking machine.

In fact, there are many entry level and low volume franking machines that you can use. With the technological boom, there is a franking machine for everyone.

No matter how many or how few are the mails you send, here are the top 5 reasons that your business needs to start using a franking machine:

Postage Discounts

In order to encourage the use of franking machines, more postage companies are offering franking discounts. In fact, franking discounts have doubled in the last two years.  The reason is simple, franked items are a lot cheaper that producing and issuing and processing stamps. This means it’s a win-win situation for you and the postage company.

Discounts on franked mails range from 1% to 34%.

Did you know that Royal Mail currently offer a 34% discount for franked mail as opposed to stamped mail? The discount might sound very little when you are sending one mail. But when you have to send a lot of mails every month, the savings is huge.


There are seven steps to posting mail. You’ll go from writing or printing to folding, then to enveloping, sealing, visiting the post office, weighing and finally stamping.

It’s a long process especially when you send a lot of mails.

Now imagine, you could skip three or four of those steps. Go a step further and picture having your own mini-post office?

It would be so convenient, having your own franking machine is like owning a mini-post office right in the comfort of your office. You will never have to queue at the post office again, no searching for stamps, no signing of checks every time to get new stamps, no more delayed mails when you run out of stamps.

The amazing thing is that you can top up at any time of the day. It’s available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You never run out of postage.

Saves Time and Money:

Franked mails have and will always be cheaper that standard postage. When you need to send a mail urgently and you don’t know the exact weight, you end up over paying. But with Franking machines, you can print the exact amount of credit you need. That means you are not overpaying or underpaying when your stamps don’t add up to the exact amount of your mails need.

Your franking machine makes you eligible for tax deductions, because it tracks all of your postage costs. This makes it easy for you to claim these as expenses on your tax return.

Also, a franking machine would save you time. No more queues at the post office, no closing hours, no running out of stamps. All franking processes are quick and easy. They just require pressing a few buttons on your franking machine.

The cost of a franking machine is minimal compared to the amount of money and time it saves for you.

Access and control

Modern franking machines come with access restriction mechanism that allow you to set a PIN code. With this security, only authorized staff members have access to the franking machine and you can see who exactly used the franking machine, what they posted and how much it cost.

Branding and Marketing

Franking machines give your mails a professional and executive look. You can properly brand and promote your business with every mail you send. The machine allows you to add your custom logo, images, return address and even promotional messages. Franking your mail allows you advertise your company for free.

Plus, modern franking machines allow you to track your post, so you’ll know exactly why it didn’t reach its intended receiver.

Switching to Franked Mail

There are so many other benefits of a franking machine including flexibility and the special treatment franked mails get at the post office.

By now you’ll have realized that using a franking machine is the best way to send mails. If you are still undecided then you are just leaving money on the table.

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