Turn Hobbies into Cash

It is a common belief that the ideal job is one that is also a hobby. Of course many hobbies offer non-monetizable attributes, such as developing good self esteem and relationships with other enthusiasts, but in this post I will focus on some ways you can turn certain hobbies into money makers.

Photography: The price of digital cameras has been dropping steadily, while their features have improved. It is possible to sell royalty-free stock photographs to such websites as istockphoto.com and corbis.com. Notably, it is important to take pictures having a unique aspect to them and that pictures of people normally pay more than pictures of inanimate objects.

Gardening: Beyond growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables for self consumption, and flowers for home decoration, you can also sell these in the local farmer’s market or to the local grocers and restaurants at a lower price than they would pay a traditional supplier. Canning vegetables can also extend their shelf life and add another revenue source to you.

Carpentry: An age old hobby, that is useful for many fixes around the house and as a side vocation. If you wish, you could also build and sell furniture online or in the local stores.

Computer Tech Support: Although personal computers have existed for 2+ decades, there are many people that are still computer novices, and could use the occasional help in trouble shooting tech issues. A person who is more savvy with computers can offer support services as well as design websites or build the computers themselves and then sell them.

Knitting and Sawing: If you like to knit or saw, you have a good opportunity to make money selling new or mended clothes online or offer your services to local clothing stores.

Arts and Crafts: Whether its creating glasswork, music, painting, pottery candle making, etc’ , there is a market out there(or at the very least, you can see if there is by listing your items on websites such as eBay.com and Etsy.com).

Car Repair: If you you know your way around anything automotive, you could offer several services such as: oil change, custom retrofitting, turning an existing vehicle’s engine to more environmentally friendly, etc’.

Although hobbies require some monetary investment, a return on investment is clearly achievable. As the saying goes: “find what you like to do best and then get someone to pay you for doing it.”

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