Updating your phone: top tips

canstockphoto10170208I can never decide whether I love long-term mobile phone contracts or hate them. Well, I love them when I can get my hands on the smartphone I’ve been yearning after for less than £50, but I hate them when it comes to cancelling.

The main problem is that we are lured into two year deals by the networks with the promise of excellent service, an incredible device and super-cheap prices, but six months in we’ve already clocked another top notch smartphone. What happens then? Well, you’ll likely have to stump up a hefty cancellation charge.

Recycle old phones

If you’re absolutely desperate to get that new smartphone no matter what, you could cut the cost by choosing to sell Nokia Lumia 800 handsets or whatever old mobiles you have got lying around. The money you earn from recycling could go towards your new dream phone. With over 70 million phones around the UK just shoved in drawers and wardrobes, you might be able to raise some serious cash.

Grace period

When you lock into a new contract, most mobile phone networks will give you a couple of weeks to trial the phone and decide if you like it. Really make the most of this time, testing all the features to the max. Watch that 14 day deadline though if you want to make a return without penalty!


I’m only suggesting you do this if you actually have suffered poor service in any way shape or form. As much as I can go on about the injustice of long contracts, it’s not fair to lie about it. Whenever you have a problem with your network, tell them, not just one time, but every time. If you harp on enough, you might just push them into reducing your contract period.


If your mobile phone company is on Twitter, air your problems there. By writing your complaints in public, the network is much more likely to respond to your demands.  You might not get out of your contract completely, but your problem should be resolved at the very least.

Renewal & upgrades

Those of us that have waited patiently for the last 12, 18 or 24 months until we were eligible for an upgrade,  are often desperate to get rid of our current handset. If you are able to upgrade early, sometimes it will be a month, but in some cases up to six, wait.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Although jumping ship and signing up to a new contract for that dream smartphone is what you want to do, it’s worth remembering that you’ll be locked in for another two months.

Before you renew, scour the market and smartphones due for release. Do you really want to enter a new two year deal for the iPhone 5 if the iPhone 6 is going to be released in a few short weeks? It will be worth the wait.

Upgrading your phone before the renewal date is either going to be expensive or difficult, so make sure you research the market before locking in to any long term contract.

Steven Deankin is a huge smartphone fan, always trying to get his hands on the latest gadgets. He’s had plenty of experience trying to escape mobile contracts always tries to offset the cost by going online to sell Nokia Lumia 800 and other devices.

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