3 Ways To Remain Productive When Anxious About Making Money

Working for yourself seems like the glamourous option. Dress however you like, stay home all day, determine your own destiny. Of course, if you already do work for yourself, you know that it comes with a significant downside: anxiety.

When you’re not guaranteed a salary each month, money can be constantly on your mind. You’ve got debit orders coming off on the first of each month, and they keep building up. The internet alone comes with so many expenses: your service provider, streaming subscriptions, and the best VPNs all cost money.

And the anxiety is counterintuitive. Instead of scrambling to work harder and faster, many of us have the impulse to just… do nothing. Push it to the back of our minds and procrastinate.

Anxiety is a huge productivity killer. And when you’re relying on productivity to make money, and money is making you anxious, you can get caught in a vicious spiral.

To help you out, here are 3 of the most effective ways to remain productive when anxious about money.

  1. Set aside a worry time

Anxiety is necessary for survival. If we weren’t a bit anxious, we’d make reckless decisions that could get us killed. This applies when it comes to our careers. We need to be a little anxious so that we’re motivated to make the money we need to live on.

However, that anxiety becomes a problem when it becomes the soundtrack to our entire day. We stop thinking about what needs to be done and only think about what we need from it all.

An excellent technique to manage this anxiety is to set aside a time to worry about money. This can be half an hour during your day when you assess your finances, clarify how much you need and how much you’re making, and (if you want) freak out a little. Knowing that you have this time available eases your mind, telling it that it doesn’t need to be switched on to the dangers all of the time.

  1. Make time for mindfulness

Can taking time out of your day increase your productivity? Well, mindfulness time definitely can. Just 20 minutes of mindfulness can help you be way more productive throughout the rest of the day.

Mindfulness relieves anxiety, helping you focus and just feel better in general. It can be hard to take this time out, because it feels like you’re losing time that you could be working. But the increase of productivity means this time is more than worth it. Not only do you get stuff done, but you also feel more in control and happier with your working life.

  1. Use your future calm as incentive

Okay, this might sound strange to you at first. But when you feel anxious, the thought of being able to just relax is incredibly attractive. Procrastination will give you time away from your work, but it comes with a lot of guilt and even more anxiety. Think of how good you’ll feel when you can take a break after having completed your tasks.

Ultimately, you’ll need to find long term ways to manage your anxiety in order for your work life to feel as freeing as it should. But when anxiety is bringing down your productivity, these 3 tips can work wonders.

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