The Numbers Behind It: What Determines a Loan’s Interest Rate?

Nearly everyone need loans to sort out some financial issue at some point. The problem can be funding for impromptu emergencies. Some will prefer to take credit to fund their wedding or even birthday parties. But before you apply for the loan, you must check the set criteria for one to follow. Some of the reviews are discussed here.

Before you apply for a loan, you must check to gauge the best lending company you will go for. This may include their interest rates, registration fee, loan tenures among other things.


Interest is the extra cost you incur while repaying your loan. Interest is calculated depending on various factors like amount of money you borrow from them. Good lending firms will reduce the interest rates as you advance on the money borrowed. Therefore, the lower the amount, the higher the interest rates. So, before taking any loan, it is advisable to look for the firm that offers the least interest rates.

Some firms may increase the interest rates depending on the loan tenure. Short term loans tend to have higher interest rates. Big firms like the local banks may give a credit of as low as 10$ interest per year.  So, before taking any loan, ask this question, how long is it going to take? Respond by reviewing and choosing the best lender.

Research reveals that most small-scale lenders offer soft loans. This type of loan in most cases is very costly. Their advantage is that loan processing is very fast. You can sit in your office, apply online and within minutes, you’ll find money in your account. Be careful before taking this tempting money. You can inquire more on interest rates on sites like

Loan tenure

Some banks will give loan rates in line with the duration ranging from one month up to ten years and beyond. For example, student loans the interest rate will increase as you delay in payment. The truth is that all interest rates increase with time and the earlier you pay, the better.

Good loans are calculated annually. Loaning bodies that lend money on a weekly or even monthly basis are not worth going for. The total amount paid to let us say after one year is huge.

Registration fee

Avoid firms that require you to pay some fee for loan processing. What if you are not granted the loan? Because they determine whether or not to provide you with a loan. Secondly, going for a loan means you are desperate for money right?  Good lenders will advise you to open an account with them. This is right. The amount in the account may act as security in case you want an unsecured loan.



Sometimes things may not always work your way. What if you default to repay on time? What next. Before settling for the best lending firm, check their terms of service and steps that are taken to claim defaulted loans. Don’t go for the firm that will carry all your belongings to the auctioneers.

Bottom line

It is right to take a loan and settle your immediate financial issues. But before deciding on the best lending firm, carry out a thorough review of the firm. Make sure you answer questions like what are their interest rates? How long do they take to process and give out the loan? Do I need to pay anything to be given the loan?

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