What Makes Online Estate Agents a Better Choice?

Online estate agents are becoming increasingly popular because they offer services that are a lot cheaper than traditional high street estate agents. Despite this major selling point for choosing them, it is understandable that a lot of homeowners are still hesitant about trusting an online estate agent. Here is a look at why it is, in fact, a wise choice to go with an online estate agent.



You can have significant savings if you go with an online estate agent. Online estate agents charge only a fixed price for selling your home. In comparison, high street agents will charge you a commission for the price at which your property is sold. For example, if the commission is 1.5% and you sell your home for £400,000, you would have paid the agent £6,000. Compare this with the fixed price of an online estate agent which is anywhere from £200 to £1000.


Checking legitimacy

The next concern to address is whether you can trust an online estate agent. As a general rule when choosing an online estate agent, you must confirm that they are a member of one of the three government bodies responsible for hearing grievances from customers. These are the Ombudsman Services Property, the Property Ombudsman, and the Property Redress Scheme.


Expectations from online estate agents

You have to be able to manage your expectations before going with an online estate agent. This is to ensure that you know how the process works.

  • When choosing an online estate agent, make sure that they offer a local expert valuation service. Not all online estate agents have this service. If the online estate agent does not offer local expert valuation, you may not get the best value for your home.
  • You also need to be prepared to pay upfront for their services. There are some online estate agents that offer deferred payments, check with them if this option works better for you.
  • Services can vary from one online estate agent to another. It is important to compare how each online estate agent differs not only in price point but with service inclusions as well.

Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons why more people are choosing online estate agents over traditional high street agents.


Advantages of online estate agent

Aside from the being able to save on the cost of selling your home, online estate agents also have some unique benefits not available through traditional online estate agents. The first notable benefit is convenience. People who live a busy life and can’t always attend to all the details of selling a home can easily transact with online estate agents. They don’t require face to face appointments. They also have dedicated helplines to assist you with extended hours of attention, even on weekends. Some online estate agents use additional tools for convenience such as apps where you can manage your sale. In many ways, online estate agents are the answer to living your life in the fast lane while also getting the essential services in order to successfully sell your home.